So you want to own a live music venue 2

Bar Broadway. Continuing down the venue route.  I must shine the spotlight on a couple 3 or 4 venues for various reasons.  This little gem located on Broadway & Harris. Here in this venue many things changed for me personally. It was a venue Adam and I had in our portfolio.  Adam I really admiredContinue reading “So you want to own a live music venue 2”

So? you want to open a live music venue?

Mentioned early in the opening blog. My journey through music. Venues featured highly in the Vortex. Especially reflecting now in this time. This year 2020. This madness and time of learning.  It’s bizarre. Ha!  But so were live music venues. Owning them. Operating them.  I came into venues as I have mostly everything I’ve everContinue reading “So? you want to open a live music venue?”