You dont half meet some funny fuckers

When the train of life you choose to follow has no intended destination? You must understand one of two things.  You fight everything you don’t like, or you own it and accept whatever the outcome wherever it goes.  Well so says me. I am an accepter through and through. Part reason for writing. I metContinue reading “You dont half meet some funny fuckers”

So you want to open a live music venue 3

THE MARQUEE – Camperdown Sydney No 3 in the hard right hand turn of life and venues off we go!   “The Marquee Rocks! Was actually the website address. The club itself pre us. A Latin cabaret club ( now empty) with an unusual liquor licence.  It had a night club license with a 3am close.Continue reading “So you want to open a live music venue 3”

So you want to own a live music venue 2

Bar Broadway. Continuing down the venue route.  I must shine the spotlight on a couple 3 or 4 venues for various reasons.  This little gem located on Broadway & Harris. Here in this venue many things changed for me personally. It was a venue Adam and I had in our portfolio.  Adam I really admiredContinue reading “So you want to own a live music venue 2”