If you’ve landed here? You could well be in for a bit of a wild ride.!

We’re talking 35 odd years of music industry mayhem. Grew up in a very small town in a beautiful country full of mountains and lakes.

3 things happened to me at 14 years old that changed my life forever. I went down a working coalmine on a school trip and hit my head on the ceiling.

I witnessed the inside of a meat killing works.

I saw my first ever live concert. “DEEP PURPLE. ” (I’m talking original line-up).

So at 14 I knew I was leaving that town.

At 16. I shipped out of Dodge and so began the journey.

Record company employee. Artist manager. Band booker /Venue owner / Operator. Some great stories, Great experiences, proud father of 2.

With 2 books in the making. Excerpts will be blogged. May or may not be in chronological order :).

I’ve realised my brain simply doesn’t work that way. Dyslexia.

Bad grammar will run free here. Read at will. Take from it what u wish. Ask questions if you think it will help

I made the break

 I made the break Honestly, outside of putting up with a bunch of hard drinking , hard living, hook u up to 240 power supply if u passed out at a party, just cause it was funny to watch. As far as my little town was a lovely place to grow up. My total focus wasContinue reading “I made the break”

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