I made the break

 I made the break

Honestly, outside of putting up with a bunch of hard drinking , hard living, hook u up to 240 power supply if u passed out at a party, just cause it was funny to watch. As far as my little town was a lovely place to grow up. My total focus was to put as much distance between it and me as possible.

I had no plan? Ive never had a plan .

I had a contact person meeting me on the other side at the airport.

He was a friend of a friend of mine. Who’d done the bolt from an inevitable prison sentence at the time.. Sounds implausible but fact was we didn’t even need passports to enter Australia. Just buy a ticket. The day I left …there was a policeman in the departure lounge. I saw him sort of staring at me , Closer look I realised he was my local town copper for years, when I was growing up, good bloke, well respected.  He issued me with my first firearms licence at 15. No test. He knew my Dad. That was enough. Off you go son , get yourself a firearm . Go shoot some shit. And we did. Anything was fair game. Not peoples pets and stuff, but rodents, rabbits. Possum , then big game, deer. Wild pigs.

Wild pigs btw aren’t like farm reared pigs. They are very angry aggressive powerful animals.

What took them to a whole new level of anger. Is if you only wounded them.

That really pissed them off. They run in a straight line when either fleeing or attacking. You’re in the way. Your pretty fucked.!

Big male boars just to add another dimension to their fearsome nature. Have an extremely well placed set of tusks, primarily for rooting around in the ground, digging up hard terrain looking for food.

They could gouge their way through a half rotten log, and a mans testicles if the animal caught u on the way through. One of the  major reported reoccurring incidents you’d hear about. Made total sense to me, a good size mature pig height was pretty much perfectly aligned with a hunters testicles   

The pig having gained the first punch not always ,but not uncommon seeing you flat on the floor, angry and fighting for survival. Lets face it. Yes its angry animal

He or shes well aware of your intentions Stop , and rip into you like a rag doll.

Never happened to me. But id seen the scars of others.

The man of all men method of hunting boar with a dog or 2 or maybe 3. Involved locating tunnels the pigs used . Very heavy dense thorny nasty bush. Fine for pigs. Shit for humans.

These guys would overall up, maybe crash helmet to protect the face but often only a rag tied round their head, They enter these pig sized tunnels pushing their hunting dogs in front of them. Hoping somewhere in this tunnel they’d corner a nice healthy beast, with the intention the dogs would distract the pig, (while in my eyes ) insane hunter could get close enough to stick a big hunting knife in it for a quick kill. I was young over excited but I knew enough to know. I much  preferred the odds of a heavy gauge firemarm in these matters.

And no fucking way could anyone convince me to go crawling down one these tunnels to corner a pig whos natural instinct is to run directly at you to escape. Didn’t make sense , never did it.

But I did and always will have fond memories of that opportunity to hunt prey and win the battle, Blood thirsty I know. And I love animals. Humans I dont really care for much.

More often than not the animal escaped. I didn’t mind, I enjoyed the adrenalin high. I would never shoot ducks on a pond or farmers sheep. (idiots did) I often thought if I came across some one doing that. Could I pull the trigger on them.? Not a kill shot , just a leg wound . By this point Id been handling firearms for quite some time. targeting shooting since I was 13.

Well before I was a licenced owner. I was a pretty deadly shot.  Hunting rabbits.

I liked a 22 with scope. At night with spotlight on the back of a land rover. I was first kill shot to the rabbit. We killed to cull. They destroyed crops. Farmers paid us. Was brilliant. Our parents knew where we were. Didn’t seem to have any concerns we were driving around huge farm properties , unlicensed for car or gun. With loaded firearms! IRONY! Love it

I had a 360 turning point. We went hunting deer. Id met this guy Wally. He was an Australian living in Christchurch with his wife and 2 sons. We hunted together twice. The first time he made me nervous.

Rule. No live ammo in the breach. We were often walking river beds . big boulders. Hard going with pack and rifle. Fall or slip?. Easy accident to get shot. Wally was fine. Fit bastard. Turned out he been on active mercenary military duty as a private paid soldier in Rhodesia.

I didn’t know much, but I knew that African province was being reported in the media as pretty dangerous place to be anything let alone a paid soldier.

Never really discussed it with him. We hunted together only 1 more time. We bagged a deer after a long days stalking. First shot was an instant kill. Running to view the animal I arrived slightly ahead of wally. The animal was clearly dead but its eye was wide open staring at me. Such a beautiful stunning wild animal. Couldn’t believe we killed it.  I never shot anything but targets ,clay pigeons the odd human by accident after that.

Wally on the other hand some time not long after that , Shot Himself! 

In the middle of separation with is wife, Shed fled to a refuge. I wasn’t aware of any of this till I heard a  radio report, a man had shot himself suicide. Shocking .

That stuff just didn’t  happen in my small city. Within hours I was informed by the mutual friend who introduced me to him. That day . Wally had prepped a 22 rifle in is mates workshop, cut the barell down. Drove to the refuge his wife had fled to. Initiated a discussion , and asked could she just bring his sons out for him to say hi. She agreed. S

She came to the car parked outside the refuge, He was in the car all the doors and windows locked. The moment Christine his wife and her 2 young sons reached the car. He put the gun in his mouth and blew his fucking brains out.

Right in front of them. I was 16  at the time. Considerably the most shocking thing so far id experienced in life.

Deliberating after the usual police investigations coroners report etc. I made arrangements to visit Christine and her sons. Kids seems as ok any could be I guess. But the revelation for the visit was Christines open and total divulgement of Wally , who  he was  and why he was keeping a very low profile in new Zealand. Long and the short of it. Id been on 2 hunting trips with a man that had suffered and obviously still was at the time suffering from what today would be considered very high post traumatic syndrome due largely to his past escapades in Rhodesia. Mercenaries at the time were usually operating illegally, often pursued by their own country of origin. As at the time was wally , Simply put , a walking time bomb. Hence why she fled with her kids to the safety of a refuge  Just didn’t mention any of this  to anyone more fearing his unpredictable change of character and again she hadn’t really told anyone she could confide in that she trusted wouldn’t report back to wally. I still to this day very rarely but the thought does drop in,  What the heck happened to those two boys. How’d there lives pan out? 

            So back to the airport lounge and my local cop. From the period of wallys death, myself effected deeply but not knowing it, I was examining everything. My one overriding passion in life was music. Id played piano since I was 4 , My mum played. You couldn’t get me off it. Further down drums entered , I loved the piano but I loved drums more.

          Groups and Individuals who in some way impacted my journey. Raising the stakes. Increasing the odds, another horse in the race, Another set of rules.

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So? if youve landed here? You could well be in for a bit of wild ride. We're talking 35 odd years of music industry mayhem. Grew up in a very small town. 3 things happened to me at 14 years old that changed my life forever . I went down a working coalmine and hit my head on the ceiling . I witnessed the inside of a meat killing works. I saw my first ever live concert. "DEEP PURPLE. " (im talking original lineup). So at 14 i knew i was leaving that town. At 16. I shipped out of Dodge and so began the journey. Record Company employee. Artist manager . Venue owner / Operator. Some great stories, Great experiences , proud father of 2 . With 2 books in the making. Excerpts will be blogged. May or may not be in chronological order :). Ive realised my brain simply dosnt work that way. dyslexia! . Bad grammer will run free here. Read at will. Take from it what u wish. Ask questions if you think it will help

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